Maintenance and Installation of Umbilicals / Pipelines / Cables

MFX do Brasil offers both Onshore and Offshore services including laying, installation, maintenance and perfect fitness of its umbilicals and accessories to the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical needs of its customers. Among the main services offered are:

- Handling, loading and unloading of up to 500 ton reels;
- Port/Vessel and Vessel/Port transfer of subsea cables, subsea flexible tubing and umbilicals;
- Laying and installation of submarine cables between onshore facilities and offshore platforms;
- Laying and installation of submarine cables between offshore platforms;
- Onshore Trenching of electric power cables, protected by flexible tubing;
- Subsea Trenching for cables, pipes and umbilicals;

Repair and Upgrade of Umbilicals 


Since 2007, MFX has been offering its customers the option to Repair and Upgrade Non Armored Umbilicals by substituting certain functional elements who may have been damaged during operation or may require an upgrade. MFX is the only company that developed this expertise aiming to support the subsea umbilical cables market. The willingness to bring solutions to the offshore oil market is a determining factor for the MFX consolidation and strengthening in IWOCS applications.

Customer Technical Service

MFX counts with a technical expert team comprised of  highly qualified  engineers and technicians to assist or coordinate services Onshore and Offshore:

- Installation and Training;
- Maintenance and Repair;
- Inspection and Testing;
- Technical Service Contracts;
- End fittings, accessories and electrical connectors assembly;
- Technical assistance services, technical service supervision, repair services for electro-hydraulic, optical, electrical and power umbilicals, electrical and hydrostatic testing services for umbilicals, hoses and cables.



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